18 August 2019

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Restaurant Santini Garden

Santini Garden Restaurant is located in a quiet yet central location below Prague Castle. It offers modern, delicious Czech cuisine and excellent wines from vineyards throughout the Czech Republic. In the summer You can sit in the Santini Garden and enjoy its intimate atmosphere and beautiful views of the Prague Castle.

Our restaurant can be found on the site of the original cemetery (Šporkova Street), in the premises of the former church. Matěj. Discover the place where Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel (1677-1723), a prominent Czech architect of Italian origin, who was famous for his unique Baroque Gothic style, was buried according to His wish.

Santini was born into the family of Prague’s Stonemason, but since he was paralyzed and lame on part of his body, he could not continue his father’s activities. Even so, he learned the stonemason. After some time, however, he went to Rome, where he became acquainted with architecture, which decided his future profession as an architect. In his twenty-three years, he has designed nearly a hundred sacral, palace and farm buildings. He worked for many important and feudal dignitaries. He had an excellent sense of incorporating buildings into the landscape. Creating and finishing rooms with perfect acoustics and extraordinary light characteristics. Together with his two wives, Veronika Elizabeth and Antonio Ignatie Chřepická, he spawned six children.

Take a moment to yourself and your loved ones at a wonderful meal in the heart of Prague,
by Santini Garden restaurant

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 11h – 23h

Capacity: 35 people inside // summer garden for up to 45 people

The restaurant has its own parking spaces

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